Do you remember what last year's resolutions were? We often write New Year's resolutions on a piece of paper—or a napkin—and a few weeks in we lose sight of them to an old notebook, a stack of folders, or the trash.

Mid-year comes in and you're in the same position you were in last year regarding your health, relationships, work, and the other things you care about. Reaching our goals depends most on our level of commitment, but how can we remain committed if we forget what we commit to?

Should we have goals or just go with the flow? The good thing is—you can do both! but you need to have clear goals first, so that you can flow and recalibrate—as needed. Often, the best outcome comes from long-term goals, but these are hard to reach without structure and commitment.

Without a goal, you can't know how far off you are from where you're heading and you risk getting sidetracked because there's nothing stopping you from calling the easiest choice every time.

The Purpose Method ™

Purpose uses a goal-setting system inspired by the OKR framework used by leaders of high-performing organizations to help you structure your goals; and it will send smart notifications to nudge you into action when it foresees good opportunities. This should help you stay motivated.

Purpose comes with an AI Chatbot that asks you meaningful questions to help you reflect and structure your goals the easy way. After 12 weeks—every yearly quarter—Purpose will ask you to review your progress, so that you can set new and improved goals, or repeat the ones you need.

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Frame your goals, stay motivated, and get reminded of what matters.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
—Lao Tsu

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