Purpose helps you live intentionally so that you can get the best out of life by articulating your goals, by calling you to action, and by driving focus to what’s most important. It’s designed for ease of use and customization. Use it to set personal or professional goals and stay on top of them regularly throughout the year.

Most of us don’t live life to its fullest. We end up doing many things throughout the day that aren’t relevant simply because we don’t have clarity on our goals, plans, values, and purpose. We often start working towards incredible goals but we get distracted and we forget them, we lose motivation, and we do something else. Focus on what matters most and start getting more out of life; meet Purpose.

Purpose is still being built but we will let you know once it's out. Our first demo will be released next week and it will be available for free for our early testers. Sign up today to become a tester and get Purpose for free — for life.

Mauricio, our founder, built purpose out of his own need to stay on top of his priorities. He found his purpose and learnt how to structure his goals with a life coach. He feels so grateful about it that now he wants to help other people live better too. Mauricio, for example, used the purpose method to motivate himself to run often, do his diet, find love, go to bed early, and even build this App itself. He says purpose is the missing half of to-do lists, where your actions go die to when you cross them off your list.

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Is it for me?
Anyone can use Purpose, whether for personal goals like getting in shape or for professional goals like getting a promotion. It's up to you what you use it for - you can mix personal and professional goals too!

How does it work?
Purpose uses an AI chat bot to ask you questions that help you reflect on, improve on, and define your purpose, goals, and measurements. The chat bot will check-in with you some times to see how you're doing. Then at the end of the time period it will guide you through self-grading.

As you go through the day, you can check the App to see where you stand about your goals and think of actions you can take that bring you closer to them. If it helps, you can log this actions, or use the focus mode to turn your phone into a giant timer. The focus mode works best when you can see the screen easily without turning your head. It helps beat procrastination and fight attention-grabbing distractions — this step is optional.

How do I use it?

  1. Set up your purpose, goals and measurements with the Assistant bot.
  2. When you start the day check the App and think of actions you can do to move closer to your goals.
  3. Update your progress when it makes sense (this is very simple).
  4. The next day check your overall progress, remind yourself of what's important, and keep an eye out for low-graded goals. If there are impeding situations, cancel goals, and focus on what's possible.
  5. Repeat and try to score as high as possible, if you consistently score very high, the Assistant bot will ask you to set harder goals. Good goals should be challenging and stretch us beyond comfort.
  6. When the time period is over the Assistant bot will help you self-grade, reflect, and set up new goals for the next period.
  7. Keep doing this so you get more of what you want. Whatever that is.

I don’t know my purpose or goals
While the Assistant bot is not a replacement for a Life Coach, it will help you think deeply by asking you the right questions, this can be helpful for finding a good purpose and setting the right goals.

How often should I use?
Depends on you. I use it every day.

How many goals can I set? Can I set long-term goals?
Purpose works best with 3-5 goals per time period, each measured by 3-5 indicators. But if you really want to, you can set as many as you want. The Assistant will help you with this. Purpose only supports 12 week-long goals now, naturally synced with the four quarter splits in the Gregorian calendar year. These are: 1) Jan-Mar, 2) Apr-Jun, 3) Jul-Sept, 4) Oct-Dec.

How does it help me stay motivated?
Seeing your progress and looking back can be very motivating. Later on, we may add a feature that allows your friends to cheer you up.

Do I get rewards like trophies or digital coins for completing my goals?
The real reward is whatever you're after. Grading is meant to help you reflect, align, and stretch yourself rather than as a punishment and reward mechanism. For example, if you did poorly on a goal about catching more sunlight, maybe it was because the weather didn't help, so you shouldn't punish yourself about it. When setting goals for the next time period, maybe you remove that goal, change it for something else, or do something creative about it, like going on vacation.

How long are time periods?
Right now we only support yearly quarters, but this may change later.

Can my friends cheer me up, too?
We may add this feature, but right now this is not possible.

How does it help me focus?
You can use the focus mode when logging actions, this will prompt you to set how long this task should take, and it will turn your phone into a giant timer while you focus on this. This is specially useful when doing tasks on the computer. You should place the phone where you can see it while it is in focus mode.

I can't find the todo-list. Where did it go?
Purpose is meant to be used before making a todo-list (for thinking of what's important) or after checking off your list (to connect what you did with the big picture), as such, it is not a todo-list. There are many great Apps for keeping track of todo-items.

Will I get reminders on my phone?
The Assistant may nudge you from time to time, you will get a reminder when the time period is over and it's time to grade yourself.

Does it have a calendar? Does it sync with my calendar?
No, purpose happens before you do things and after you do them, it doesn't do planning and there are many great apps for that.

Is Purpose a daily planner?
No, pen and paper, calendars or todo-list apps do a better job at daily planning. Purpose is meant for 12-week goals. You can log daily actions after you've done them, to keep track of and to help you with grading. In Purpose, daily logging is optional.

Is purpose a life coach replacement?
No, a life coach is likely to do a better job at helping you set and achieve goals. Sometimes we have emotional walls that stand between us and our goals and life coaches are better equipped to approach these with interpersonal dynamics. Purpose is a tool that life coaches can use, but you can use it without a life coach too.

How is purpose different than other project management Apps like Asana, Jira, Trello, Google Tasks, and Excel?
Purpose doesn't get down to specific details, when you do things, the things you need to do, or how one task depends on another. Purpose is meant to help you make sure you do the right things - on a higher level - and on a longer term. When you create actionable items in your project management tools, it can be helpful to make sure they fall within one of Purpose's goals, and when you mark them complete, you can update your progress in Purpose so you can see the big picture, and strategize, but this is optional. In summary, Purpose doesn't do planning and there are other great tools for this.

How is Purpose different than habit-tracking Apps?
Habit tracking Apps are designed for common sought-after habits like drinking more water, eating healthier, or working out more often and they are based mostly on a card-punching-like method. Purpose goes deeper by helping you find your own goals and connect them with a higher purpose.

What's the difference between Purpose and Focus timer Apps? Purpose has a focus timer, but it's much more than that.

Where can I learn more about goal setting?
Purpose is based on an adaptation of John Doerr's OKR framework for goal setting. The original framework is used by many successful companies like Google, Amazon, Spotify, Dropbox, Netflix, Slack, Uber, Facebook, LinkedIn, Adobe, Anheuser-Busch, and many others. While OKRs are very powerful within teams and organizations, Purpose only supports individual goals now.

How can I help?
You can help us test Purpose! If you have any feedback you'd like to share with us, you may reach out to [hello at trypurpose.app].  

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