Hi Friends,

Thank you for signing up to the Purpose Beta Tester program. I'm writing this first update to tell you where we are and what's coming.

The first milestone was being able to use Purpose App myself instead of a printout I was using before with my life coach, and I'm glad to share that I've already achieved this.

The next milestone is about making Purpose easy for everyone to use and understand, for this reason we added an AI Chatbot that asks you questions to reflect on and capture your goals. The chatbot is working, but it's not yet perfect and we're working to improve it, for example, it can only capture your goals once, so right now there is no way to go back and change them, among other problems.

I've also been working on explaining what Purpose is. This is always changing, but today I can say: Purpose is a personal Goal Setting App based on the OKR framework that makes it easy to see a "snapshot"  of your life at any point in time, so that you can see where you stand about the things you care about most. In a few words, Purpose helps you come up with very good answers to the question "What should I do now?" at any point in time.

Purpose also includes a focus timer, so that when you want to focus on getting things done that connect with your goals in one way or another you can turn your phone into a timer that helps you focus your attention and reminds you to take breaks using the Pomodoro method. I've found this very useful for easing long focused-work sessions, doing this feels good in addition to all the productivity benefits it may have.

I would like to offer you an experience that "just works" the first time you use it in its most basic form for key functionality like getting set up with your goals and purpose so that you can benefit from it, rather than just being something that: 1) doesn't do what it should do 2) isn't clear what it does. Because of this I've delayed the launch of the public beta by a few weeks.

I will try to launch Purpose before the new year, so that you can start 2021 with a purpose and goals, but I can't guarantee this because we are short-handed and we don't want to compromise on quality. I will send another update in a few weeks with details on how to download the public beta that "just works" once it's ready.

In the meantime, if you are interested in goal setting to see the big picture of life, I would suggest you get started by reflecting on what are the things you care about most, and what are the things that you care about AND aren't doing well (this is usually where the biggest opportunities for improvement are).

PS. If you still want to try it as-is to help improve it, I can get you set up manually (write to hello@trypurpose.com). I've been doing one-on-one onboarding meetings with mobile screen sharing on Google Meet and I can get you set up, but we may have to do some things by hand.

Thank you for reading, and,
stay tuned!